Getting into the rhythm of living on the hook

Our first day on the hook started early. The plan was for spearfishing shortly after sunrise and before the winds became strong. I was unsure of if the dinghy would have a place to safely anchor it while diving so I opted to skip the dive. Shalise and Victor donned full camo wetsuits and slid into the water on a rocky area about three miles from the anchorage. While they were fishing I moved from spot to spot along the shore making sure I could keep them in sight. An hour later they had a nice parrot fish and four sea urchins filled with roe. Oh and more importantly many stories of the wonderful snorkeling conditions. I was kicking myself for not bringing my gear.

The wind was building and it made for a wet trip back to Strikhedonia. Once aboard Victor started on cleaning the catch. With wind in the 20-25 knot range all day I made the call that we should stay aboard this afternoon, it bummed out Victor who wanted to visit the resort on the beach but that is sailing life. A mellow day proceeded with some naps, games, and even a tv show.

Soon Victor was cooking up an amazing steamed fish dish that was devoured in the blink of an eye. The evening closed out with a rather heated game of Monopoly Deal (thanks again Sabrina!). During the last game of the night, the crew determined to win I need to get six sets of properties (game rules are three). Surprisingly I was able to put together five sets before Victor won with his three sets. Coming up on 11:30pm it was time to call it a night!

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