Learning about coconuts

A lazy, lazy day. We didn’t know what would pan out for the day, however with not much wind foiling was out. And the tides weren’t ideal for snorkeling the blue pools (coming up to high tide would be very early morning and dinner time). Ultimately, Carl took on cleaning mildew off the doors, I got some quality time reading, and just relaxing. Just before lunch I headed to shore with my snorkeling gear.

First, I was looking for green coconuts. Only finding one tree that was close to the beach I spent awhile trying to knock it down with rocks. Note to self, you will never get them to fall that way. I then decided to snorkel the blue pools again and it was similar to yesterday, with the exception of water leaving the pool rather than filling. This was made very apparent as I got closer to the narrow outflow to the ocean and the current was really ripping. I was taken by surprise, and had to swim quite hard to slowing swim back into the pool and to slower moving water. Lesson learned. In the second pool there is a very cool rock feature carpeted with coral and with large holes on multiple sides that act as a window into the pockets of fish below. I spent a far amount of time drifting over and taking in the various colors and sizes of fish.

Back to the beach across from the boat, I checked out the area where in the morning we had watch a long boat of fisherman take a break for a fish breakfast cooked over a fire. I was most interested in the fact that one guy had harvested coconuts for them to drink. Back in the forest I found the spot and used sticks to try to knock down a coconut. I was initially unsuccessful until I found a tree he chopped down and sharpened the end. I spent five or so minutes still unsuccessful before noticing a V section in the tree. With the V section on the vine connecting the coconut and a firm snap upward I was finally rewarded with a coconut. Whew. To the beach and over to a volcanic section where I could beat open the nut and enjoy my tasty reward. Today’s innovation box checked.

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