Work and play make for a great day

We had unexpected rain light overnight which gave everything a nice rinse and along with it the strongest winds we have seen in weeks. It was really honking. But for some reason our anchor spot was in a more calm area than both north and south of us. Those areas were covered in large whitecaps. Win number one for the day.

With it being a wind day we decided to dive into the replacement of the Triton instrument. This would involve changing the existing a small round hole into a large square hole. I had lugged down a reciprocating saw attachment for a drill. Which would have worked wonderfully had it not been for the shape of the fiberglass at the helm station and nearby instruments. But with time, effort, two guys, and rasp we prevailed. Not done with the fun we found the cable was resting on the chain that attaches to the wheel (to steer the boat). A few ideas attempted and dismissed we ultimately added an attachment point above the instrument and used a ziptie to make the necessary clearance from the chain.

With work done it was time to play. Finally after two weeks waiting, we had wind (it settled a bit from this morning) and a chance to break out the new wing that Carl had shipped to Vuda Point. This was a smaller wing, but as we quickly learned it was much more powerful that the older and larger wing we had been using. Progress was made for both of us but I had to limit my day to a single session after taking a hard fall and getting water blasted in my ear which caused some pain. I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and it was feeling better but I still opted for call it a day.

We capped off the night with power bowls. Lots of stuff in them, from corn to mushrooms, to cabbage and bok choy, from red onion to olives and topped with potato, carnitas, brown rice and feta cheese. As you can tell I went overboard and the bowls turned out much larger than necessary but we both managed to finish ours. I’ll probably be getting in trouble from Roxy when Carl gets to Washington state due to my overfeeding him causing him to add on some pounds. Sorry Roxy!

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