New scenery to explore

Time to hop over to a nearby anchorage, after coffee we pulled the hook and motored a couple miles to a sand spit beach (only at low tide). A beautiful idyllic spot in just a few meters of water. Later in the morning I cruised the shore via paddle board and stopped on most of the beaches to look around. As with all beaches, there were a ton of sand crab dens and I finally gave it a shot to see how hard it would be to harvest a few for dinner. Out of five dens I dug up I only found a single crab and it was too small to eat. Oh well, still interesting hunt. On another beach there was a fort that I imagine some cruiser kids built. Reaching the end near the sand spit I parked the paddle board and began wandering. In addition to exploring around the corner and the spit I also cracked open a few coconuts. One green (with lots of coconut water and some meat), one that just sprouted (weird soft yellow center, just a small taste of the meat), and one unsprouted (after all the work getting the nut out and cracking it the interior liquid was gross).

From there it was a bit of a lazy break in the day, reading, watching part of an episode of Westworld, and a nap. Around 2:30pm Carl checked in to see if I was interested in snorkeling the two blue hole swimming pools. So off we went. The tide was coming in, good thing, but it was still very low. We went to the second hole first and it was actually pretty cool with fish and coral lining the edges. We scrapped through the inlet where water was entering the hole from the sea but with not much to see so back we swam. There was just barely enough water for us to float from the second hole to the first hole. This hole had much better coral and spots where you could see hot water seeping from the bottom into the pool. We again worked our way to the inlet, and as we reached the sea the water was rushing in at a high rate. It was difficult to swim against it but we both made it to the volcanic rim. I climbed over are let the rushing water push me into the pool, watching the bottom zip by. It was a rush so I had to do it again. The visibility was just so-so but totally a great time. Hopefully tomorrow we can time it better so that the tide has come in more and cleared out the murkiness.

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