Lots of sanding

So I started the cabin top fairing this morning, which meant three hours of sanding. The raw fiberglass out of the Van’s mold is wavy and full of fabric patterns so it was go time. That was a fun morning. I got a layer of micro laid down on the flat top section and put a first coat to smooth the transition from the overhead console to the cabin top.

Work continued on the engine cowl. First up was flox’ing in the fiberglass ramps on the top cowl. Then more metal work on the front baffles. Oh and installing the prop governor. At lunch I picked up an alternator belt (B&C sent the wrong size due to Lycoming putting an small flywheel on my plane, no idea why). This only took two trips to get the right belt so not bad.

Back to the doors, I got the mechanics installed on the second door. Tomorrow I’ll cut the tubes and tap them for the stainless steel pins. Then the doors will be ready to be sealed!

Last up for the day was more sanding on the cabin top followed by another coat of micro. See a pattern here? That will be repeated the next 3-5 days, woo hoo!

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