Sanding finish line in sight

Big progress on the cabin top today. I figured out a way to apply micro to the vertical surfaces which greatly reduced the waiting time. All told today I major sanded twice and applied micro three times. I think after tomorrow morning’s sanding session I should be ready to attached the cabin top to the airframe!

Also up today was more baffle work. Man these things are a load of work. But the rubber gasket is on a couple parts and hopefully tomorrow that can be checked off the list.

Took care of cutting and tapping the rod ends for the door locks. Also epoxied the magnet into the stainless door pins and set the threaded insert with Loc-tite.

Since I love epoxy… the lower cowling needs a blister to accommodate my Vetterman exhaust. Still more work on this in days to come.

And finally, I fabricated and installed a bracket for parking brake cable. Feels good to get the little items cleared off the list.

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