Not going to be building a composite aircraft

There I said it – I am not fan of epoxy, flox, micro and sanding. My day was kicked off with 150 minutes of sanding and cleaning up. But the cabin top was to be installed! Whew.

Next up was finishing up the door prep. Those door pins, filing the correct amount off the ends of the rods to get the pins pointed in the right direction was a bitch. Of course it helps to double check that you have pins oriented correctly. Duh, got to do three twice. Oh well.

Another project close to completion is the engine baffles. I got stuck following shitty, wrong directions in the plans for the stainless pins that pinch the bottom of the baffles. The outboards should be straight through (not the complex bends in the plans) and the complex bends look to fit better on the inboard pins. I’ll be redoing the tomorrow…

Oh and the cabin top is now permanently attached to the fuselage! Only got part way on riveting the skin behind the cabin top but it feels great to reach this point. It was a good day.

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