I love when things fall into place

Whew, this was a big day. A number of smaller items checked off and a couple big ones too. First up was installing the new servo motor in the rear vent. Back when I wired it up, no workie. So AeroSport sent a new servo and that did the trick. Took some time to get the mechanical and electronic settings right but that is one item complete. Also knocked out the fuel flow sensor since the hose connecting it to the fuel servo arrived from TS Flightlines – love those guys. Super helpful, super fast shipping, highly highly recommend. I got a bit of work in on the baggage door, replacing the lock and clecoing the frame but then I moved on to the oil cooler since it is needed for the first start… Got that installed.

The big push today was to get the windows glued in with Lord adhesive. Yesterday I taped them off so today was just roughing up the surfaces and applying the adhesive. If I did it again I would place washers under where I clamped the windows to ensure a good depth of adhesive. On the windscreen there are a few areas that did not bond well. I’m going to follow up with a large bead of Lord between the inside edge of the cabin top and the windscreen. Another addition will be two layers of fiberglass around the cabin top. That should ensure there aren’t any future issues.

Last up for the day came as a surprise. I expected the windows to take longer so it left time to install the wings. Grabbed couple guys from the hanger next door (thanks Ben and Don!) and we slid them into place. I kept expecting some major snafu but it went together smoothly of both sides. Whew.

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