The windows are ready for install!

Guess who started the day with sanding? And who finished the day with sanding? This guy. But the sun visor blocks are installed and the flox/micro turned out well.

From there it was on to the cowling which needed nutplates installed and since we were on nutplates, why not install them on the spinner bulkheads. I still have all the rear tunnel and rear bulkhead nutplates to installed – can you say procrastination?

A big chunk of the day was spent final sanding the window frames and windows. Along with making clips and figuring out the places to secure the windows while the adhesive cures. More time was spent taping off the inside of the windows which I hope will result in a perfect edge of the adhesive.

Squeezed in the middle of the day was getting one of the door locks installed. Aft buying and installing one lock a few days ago I realized I ordered a lock that would only allow removing the key when it was locked. So the second set of locks came today – these will work unlike the first ones. However, to fit in the Aerosport beauty ring a lot of sanding followed by polishing was needed. Then it took some effort to fabricate the lock arm to get it to function with the Aerosport door handle. But one door is done. Whew.

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