Meeting Bule Bule in Yelapa

The rumor mill was packed with things about Yelapa but we tried to come into it without expectations or reservations. Straight out of the gate it got interesting. About a mile out a panga came to meet us and introduces himself as “Bule Bule” and says follow me to a mooring ball. Good start. About half way back another panga from Tino’s shows up and tries to steal Bule Bule’s business. I explained we were happy with Bule Bule but when we return next week we would give him some business. Little did we know he would stick to our beam the entire way to the mooring ball. This guy would not give up. Annoyed I scratched the thoughts of using him in the future.

Once settled in we stopped to take in all of the beauty in this anchorage. It truly is breathtaking. Until the paraglider zips close by or the twentieth panga rocks you with his wake. But it is all good once the tourist head home around 4:30pm.

Following our hike to the “small” waterfall this guy was parked on top of us. Seriously WTF. Thankfully he left by 6:00pm or we would have moved to a different mooring ball. As it was, at times they were only 20 feet away. WAY too close for this guy.

I love the single fender too high to accomplish anything. What an assclown.

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