One of those days…

I came into the hanger this morning to find brake fluid under the fuselage. No bueno. Seems the tunnel brake fittings were not tightened, ugh. Shame on me for not double checking. My penance, 90 minutes of cleaning. Fluid leaked between ribs and skin, spar and skin, into every crack and crevice. Fuck me.

Oh the day didn’t stop there. Checking antenna cables I found resistance between my Com1 cable. It wasn’t in the connector (only one connector was soldered at that point). Moving the cable would some times correct the issue, ultimately I was unable to find the culprit. Time to move on.

Putting on the other antenna connectors the NAV antenna was another shitshow. The material used would distort with just a little heat. Pretty fucking difficult to solder the pin without heat. Three connectors and two hours later I got it put together. Time for lunch.

Rather than my normal thirty minutes, I took a long lunch working to recenter myself. Back to the grind I put the morning behind me and rallied. I started with terminating all of the ground wires, then moved on to the Can bus for the GEA24. Then on to the shunt terminals, and lastly the remaining terminals for the ESS fuse block.

Some progress today but certainly not 10 hours of work to show for it. Thankfully tomorrow is a fresh start.

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