I suppose it was a productive day

Started off running the 8awg wire for the alternators, shunt, and ESS (essential bus). Lots of lugs to crimp and heat shrink to heat. Then closed off the firewall pass through.

It was time to rivet up to forward cockpit. It took some serious contortion under the panel but I managed the bucking bar pretty well – of course a few rivets had to be done more than once but I was happy with the finished product.

Pressure tested the fuel lines, pump, filter through the cockpit area. And it was a good thing as I missed tightening the nut on the fuel selected that feeds the filter. Otherwise good to go.

I got a few of the antenna connectors installed and connected to the avionics. The GTN650 has three connectors (2 BNC and 1 TNC) still to be installed…

Bleeding the brakes was a bit more of a process. Ugh. Ultimately a few issues had to be corrected: 1. Tighten nut on outboard floor penetration 2. Flip hoses on master brake cylinders and 4. deal with an old school oil can pump that sort of worked. Doesn’t sound like much bit the results were three hours of grind. But the brakes are good to go.

I finished up the day mounting the fuel and oil pressure sensors and manifold pressure sensor along with soldering the wires to the sensor connectors.

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