Provisioning in La Manzanilla

With supplies getting low on Sky Pond and plan was hatched to join them on a trip to La Manzanilla for provision. In the morning there was a pretty good surge, so the revised plan was to take Strikhedonia over in the morning and use the kayaks to get to shore rather than risk flipping a dinghy. We made the short hop and easy beach landing, hoping the return would be equally easy…

A walk around town lead us to a coffee shop for lattes before getting to the stores. Priorities you know. After stopping at a couple shops we decided to check out the cocodrilario. Jean hadn’t been and since we were here it was a necessary stop. Then back to the kayaks where the swell has built up and Strikhedonia was pitching pretty good. With Jean, Roxy, and Carl in the big kayak I held them in place until there was a break in the waves before pushing them out past the breakers. Then into my kayak and while not as graceful we made it back to Strikhedonia a bit wet but unharmed with all of our groceries. I’d call that a very successful trip!

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