Pulling into Barra with a plan

Back in Perula, Ralph and Helen had talked to a couple on a monohull named Cadenza, the owners Jay and Terri had been over for dinner and mentioned they had some friends who were looking at buying a catamaran. They had been impressed with the layout on Moon Drifter, and knowing that we planned to sell Strikhedonia Ralph mentioned that they should connect with us and get a tour once we arrived in Barra.

So that set off a quick deep clean of Strikhedonia to get everything looking tip top. It wasn’t too bad as we keep a clean ship but still it was a good half day of work before having them over for a visit. Super nice people and they really liked our boat calling their friends Allan and Alison to encourage them to come down to Barra and take a look for themselves. Crazy, but they were in La Cruz for a 10 year Pacific crossing anniversary party. A few days later they rented a car and made the visit to Strikhedonia for a tour and examination. Super nice couple and they are both pilots so that made for great conversations. No decision made since they still planned to work a few more years and they felt like our price was a bit high (fair enough but Strikhedonia is in pristine condition).

After all the prep work and boat tours we got into a more normal Barra routine, whew. Lots of relaxing and fun.

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