Reconnecting with long time friends in Nuevo Vallarta

It could be part of getting older. It could be having kids. Or it could be a bit of both. But time slips by so fast, shockingly so sometimes. In April of 2008, our family went to Puerto Vallarta for spring break. Being crazy travelers, we decided one day to take the bus to Bucerías. Insane, I know. Actually I am still living it down, as there may have been a three mile beach walk in the middle that my family was none too happy about… But that isn’t part of the story.

Anna and Jean still smiling on the bus

While at the beach our daughters met a little girl. They had fun playing together, as we chatted with her mom (as much as possible with our limited Spanish and her limited English). It was a great afternoon and led to another play date over the weekend.

Anna, Yuni and Kayla

The incredibly generous Dominguez family spent Saturday with us; first at the beach for a picnic, before taking us to wonderful dinner at a local restaurant, and then back to their home. It was the highlight of our vacation.

Aline, Anna, Yuni, and Kayla saying goodbye until next time

Through the power of Facebook we have kept touch over the years as our daughters grew up. As we moved our boat south to the Sea of Cortez messages about getting together became more frequent and finally this year we made it happen.

Agustin picked us up from the marina for a fabulous lunch at Titi’s, where we could catch up and try to figure out exactly how long it had been since we were together.

Chris, Agustin, Aurora, and Vicki (sadly Jean was in Minnesota helping her sister).

Not one who is afraid of a little spice, I followed Agustin’s lead and order the Camarones y pulpo a la cucaracha and a “Vicky” cerveza. The server was concerned it would be too spicy for me but I found it perfect.

Plans were for the next day to meet up for brunch and then, if the weather cooperated, go sailing on the bay.

Thankfully it wasn’t my birthday or I’d be dressed up like a clown and fireworks would be put into my food like this guy.

Back to the marina we loaded up and headed out of Paradise Village marina for a light wind day on the water. It was a perfect day to relax and enjoy great company, a few drinks, some dancing, and of course games of Uno. Just as planned, as we were returning to the marina a pod of dolphins appeared and paid us a visit. A perfect end to the day.

Dominguez Familia

The next day my daughter Anna was arriving. I cannot express how kind and generous this family has been to us. Aurora and Yuni drove me to pick her up and it was fun seeing the girls reconnect after all this time. Dinner that night brought a gift for Anna in the form of flowers and balloons.

Los mejores amigos son para siempre!

They took us to their favorite steak restaurant which I will admit is the bomb. The deal is you visit a butcher shop in the back to pick your cut of meat, how thick, and how you want it cooked. Then back to the table to wait. A fun concept and some kick ass steak.

Pick your meats!

Agustin made my night by forcing Anna to speak only Spanish, and Anna made me proud by speaking so well. I wish I had her skills. There was talk of the girls going out salsa dancing and evidently a practice lesson was needed as we looked over to find the girls dancing outside of the bathroom. A perfect SnapChat post. Thankfully, being old, and after all the food I was able call it a night, while Aurora drove the girls to downtown PV and picked them up at a time way too late to mention.

Anna’s flowers and balloons

Did I mention how generous this family is? They simply blow me away and I feel so thankful for our friendship. And look forward to spending more time with them in the future. Traveling, without a doubt, is about the connections you make and the new friendships you develop. I feel so blessed and lucky that our paths crossed.

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