Such a relief, my registration was entered

Okay first off, I didn’t realize how long it takes for the FAA to process aircraft registrations and I really painted myself in a corner. Hell I even forgot to enter the engine serial number requiring a second notarized form to be sent UPS red. But today my registration came through. Huge relief to know that my inspection/first flight won’t be delayed due to my failure to apply early enough. Since my registration was approved, I could now enter a bunch more information and documents into the FAA AWC system So that took some of today’s efforts to get submitted.

In real building I was able to finish up the left wing fairing. Nice to have that checked off. I still need to do the tank vent but I ordered the wrong fittings, so that will have to wait a few days.

I began pressure testing the second ER Tank after flushing it four times with AV gas. About 15 small particles came out over the series of flushes. I put about 5 gallons of fuel into the left tank (one that is mounted). I’ll let that sit in there until after the right tank is installed and has 24 hours of time with 5 gallons sitting in it to ensure there aren’t any system leaks. Tehn the excitement of testing the transfer from the ER tanks to the mains!

The remainder of the day was spent on the engine. I got the blast tubes for the P-Mags installed, filled the engine with oil, timed the mags (see my contraption for setting TDC in the picture below), gap’d the sparkplugs, and did a pull through test in the sparkplugs to check that both P-Mags were firing correctly. Getting close to that first engine start!!!

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