Settling into life in Barra and Fiesta de Veleros kick off

Always a bummer but inevitably friends have to head for home and today was Bill’s departure day. We enjoyed breakfast at Casa Abuela, where Bill embraced Mexico by having crepes, followed up by a chocolate croissant from the French Bakery for the plane ride home. After a bit of leisure time it was off to the taxi stand.

Next challenge for me was recharging my Telcel SIM card. There was a promotion of 10G of data for the price of 5G that I wanted to take advantage of. Nothing is easy, both my credit cards were rejected. Next I tried using Paypal which was complicated by needing to access LastPass to find my password. That in hand I was able to log in but Paypal wanted to send me a US text to confirm it was me. My US SIM card was of course on the boat. Ugh. Dinghy ride to retrieve it, then it was attempt #4, this time I was able to start the transfer but when Paypal sent me back to Telcel the transaction was lost and I had to start again. This was not going smoothly, after another attempt I gave up for the day and resigned myself to going to a Telcel shop in Melaque tomorrow (lots of wind was coming).

I relaxed on the boat during the late morning/afternoon winds, and was happy that Strikhedonia (and the other boats in the lagoon) remained on the hook. Come evening while doing a bit of metal polishing Peter (Dawn Treader) was heading off to the beach party/bonfire which was part of a week long festival to raise money for the local schools. It didn’t take much motivation to finish up the bit of stainless I was working on and call it a day.

The bonfire was a bit of a bust due to the wind but also on the schedule was a three piece native group performing a sunset blessing. I donated some pesos to the cause and splurged on a margarita, crazy right! It was interesting to watch group perform but in the end I only stuck around for forty-five minutes or so before grabbing the water taxi back to the boat.

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