Fiesta de Veleros and some massive burgers

It was an interesting night, the winds mellowed out by 10:00pm and I fell fast asleep. That changed around 2:30 in the morning when the winds started ripping up to 30 knots. Wowza. My anchor alarm allowed me to relax but the noise kept me up until 4:00am when things subsided. The joys of living on a boat…

I was committed to solving my Telcel challenge so by 9:00 I was headed to catch the bus to Melaque. I walked into the Telcel office, pointed to the plan I wanted, provided my phone number and a minute later I was good to go. Really should have done this in the first place. But one needs projects so be it. Being a Saturday the place was busy with everyone shopping and eating at the many sidewalk restaurants. I kicked myself for not waiting to eat. Oh well.

Returning to Strikhedonia I stopped by the Grand Isla hotel where the night before I noticed a car show. There had been a timed rally and the finish was at the hotel. The range of cars was shocking, from a Studebaker to a rat-rod to a custom classic Ford truck. Oh and even a beloved MGB which took me to mine that I sold a few years ago. I stumbled into Yoshan (Nate and Missy) whom I kept crossing paths with on the water taxi. Otherwise this was a Mexican crowd. Drooling complete, I headed home.

There was a big festival tonight in the main square wanting to look presentable, I headed for Grand Isla where I enjoyed some reading time at the quiet 10th floor pool before hitting the hot shower with unlimited water.

Free Luff had talked about hanging out, Jody’s sister and her wife were staying in town but oops I accidentally ditched them by heading in at 6:00pm. Not to worry we could just catch up in the town square. The first bit of entertainment was a local drum corp. I’d guess they were elementary and middle school age and showed great precision with their marching and music.

Next up were the local administrators introductions and speeches. It was about this time that I drifted over to a group of friends, Three Quarter Time, Yoshan, Perspective, Silver Winds, and Solstice (whom I just met). We hung out for a bit before talk of dinner crept into the conversation. Some were going to eat the festival foods but Yonshan tossed out Senor Froy’s where on Saturday nights they have a burger buffet bar. Hmmm. Arm twisted I joined Missy, Nate and Shalise. Um yeah, these were the largest burgers I have seen. We should have shared as one would easily feed three people. Plus with twenty or so sides the burger just grew larger. We had great conversations all the while listening to the singer from a Carlos Santana cover band (the whole band played a big concert last weekend that Bill and I missed by being in Tenacatita). Bellies stuffed we weren’t allowed to leave before doing a free tequila shot.

On the walk back we came across Free Luff, Shanti, Adventurer, Danika at the al pastor taco place. Yoshan carried on while I stuck around to talk with everyone while they finished up their dinners. Wandering back towards the water taxi we caught up with Yoshan and Silver Wings at Thrify’s ice cream, seriously this place does some serious business. Yoshan and Three Quarter Time keep moving, we went to check out some music. Paul on Three Quarter Time wasn’t feeling great so they headed back home while the four of us headed over to Time Out. Being with two bartenders (Shalise and Missy) is a good thing and they got us setup with a bunch of ingredients to mix our own drinks. The band fired up after awhile and damn were they loud, or I am just getting old. Conversation muted we lasted a few songs before calling it a night. It was fun to hang out with these guys and talk about their quickly approaching Pacific crossing.

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