Basketball with FreeLuff and Sundowners on Three Quarter Time, err Yoshan

My plan was to watch the sailboat parade that was part of the festival. But first I needed to reschedule dinner plans with my mom’s friend Marilyn. I asked someone in the area knew where she was staying and as luck would have it the person I asked was renting their back bungalow to her, score! Dinner rescheduled I was off to the beach. It was quite a long time waiting for the boats to filter out into the bay but heck sitting on the beach listening to the waves for a few hours is never a bad way to spend the day.

I enjoyed a quick taco and later in the afternoon joined Randy, Jody, and Vanessa (Jody’s sister-in-law) for the Michigan vs Michigan State game. Randy went to Michigan State so it was kind of a big deal. And turned out to be a great game with underdog Michigan State beating their rivals. Woohoo!

My evening plans (that cause the dinner reschedule) were to crash a happy hour on Three Quarter Time. I had messaged Paul but since they were part of the boat parade I wasn’t expecting a fast response. Hard to get excited about polishing metal but got restarted on the project and made some good progress. A little bit at a time, that is my strategy.

In the afternoon I hit the pool and while there heard from Paul that he came down with some sort of sickness and the party was cancelled. Bummer, I wished him a quick recovery. After my shower I stopped by Silver Wings and Yoshan to visit a bit. Seems Nate wasn’t feeling great either but he powered through their provisioning trip to Melaque in preparation for tomorrow’s departure. Missy invited me over for dinner on Yoshan, it wasn’t on Three Quarter Time we’d still be getting together.

I made my egg salad, red bell pepper, Spanish paprika cracker dish and Missy whipped up some fantastic nachos with all kinds of fresh veggies. Shalise and I might have enjoyed sundowners with Nate while Missy slaved away in the hot cabin. Blerg. But soon enough she joined us in the cockpit where take of Pacific crossings and tattoos led to escaping the mosquitoes (in said hot cabin) and doing some shots courtesy of Nate. The day before it had come up that they enjoy the game Farkle, so I brought over my Spicy Farkle game, taking it to another level. We had a great time and when I thought I had the game won, Shalise stole it away by building on my winning score, damn it to hell. And on that note I putted back to my boat to sleep off my defeat.

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