Shipwreck party day 1.5

Dumb luck shinned on us. Back in Puerto Escondido I had an email from Carl and Roxy (Sky Pond) who heard through the rumor mill that there would be a “Shipwreck” party in San Juanico. As the days past there was a post on the Sea of Cortez sailors group and on the morning net. And it just so happened to line up perfectly with our schedule.

The first official party was Tuesday late afternoon. Tom the property manager for the massive home overlooking the bay was the host. He arranged for rides from the beach to the house. But oh no, he didn’t stop there. He brought in Hezon, a kickass musician from Loreto, to entertain us. It was potluck with grilled goat, again provided by Tom. Wowza, what did we do to deserve all of this??? The staff keep the table of food filled as everyone took multiple trips through the food line getting their fill. I’ll admit to having more than my share of goat – took me back to Africa.

Probably thirty people made the party, a mix of cruisers, campers on the beach (who traveled from Loreto for the party), and Tom’s friends. I enjoyed talking with many of them. This lifestyle, for me, is so much about the interesting people you meet. Which even included a young crew I had met at the El Cid pool back in Mazatlan. Earlier in the day they took a “shortcut” between small rock islands. Their boat draws 7 feet but they were unfazed. Terry on Manta attempted to hail them before they passed through, as the passage is only about 15 feet wide – whether, luck, skill, or divine intervention they made it through. In youthful exuberance they were pumped up with their accomplishment.

As the evening progressed the music ramped up and dancing became the activity of choice. A few took a lap in the pool. What a wonderful, fun party. Sadly our eyes were getting heavy and after cruisers midnight we made our way to the truck which brought us to the beach and our dinghy.

Waiting for our carriage to return us to the beach

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