The party continues!

Work before play – I had to replace the anchor light fixture. So first thing in the morning up Jack and Shalise hoisted me. One hell of an arm work out holding myself up with one arm while soldering the connectors with my other. Whew! But we now have a working anchor light again!

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? I can’t recall the last time I experienced one, maybe childhood? But Wednesday morning we gathered on the beach for instructions and bio-degradable bags. Off we went with a one hour time limit. There was a mix of nature (crab carcass, Apache tear) and cleaning the beach (three pieces of garbage, metal bottle cap, clothes). All told there were about 15 items, the challenges for me were the Apache tear (obsidian rock) and the crab carcass (seriously these are normally everywhere!), but ultimately I did find everything on the list which scored me fifth place. Not bad – there were some rumors of shady collection (searching through garbage cans) so I’ll feel good about my finish and my playing by the rules.

It was then a rush to get back to the boat to make our item for the potluck. We put together a vegetable dish and scooted back to erected tents for the grilled pig potluck. Much more food and great music by Hezon. Some took mule rides the half mile to the organic farm for a tour. I’d been there before so we skipped it in favor of a trip to the Cruisier’s Shrine tree where I updated my contribution with this year’s date and Shalise added here drift wood sailboat to the collection.

Back to the party I found it impossible to stop grabbing one more piece of pig from the grill. Seriously, I surely gained ten pounds the last two days… More conversations and drifting from group to group before the food coma hit and we said our goodbyes to make our return to Strikhedonia for a siesta.

In the evening we met up with Jules and Jeff (El Gato) and Carl (Sky Pond) for a sunset beach walk to look at the crystal veins and cool circular patterns in the gypsum rock walls. It was a nice chance to say goodbye until next season (we planned to head north while they were headed back south for another month in the Loreto area).

The evening closed out with some Mexican train (of which Jack and Shalise were not fans) and snacks (our afternoon gorging kept our appetite at bay).

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