A bit of recovery after all the partying

Moving on, we upped anchor as the sun rose and made our way on a up to Santa Domingo.

Mostly motoring with some patches of motor-sailing until the final five miles into Bahia Concepcion when the screecher got a workout. The wind piped up as we were making our wide turn into the bay had the wind peaked at around 20 knots with some waves building and we turned perpendicular to the wind to enter the anchorage. See the waves I was wondering if the anchorage would be unprotected but thankfully along with an empty anchorage a wave line came into view with calm water awaiting us. Hook dropped it was time to get relaxing.

With cell signal from nearby Mulege I was able to get caught up on some work. Tired from all of the partying in San Juanico I took a siesta and next thing you knew it was nearing sunset. Jack and I dropped the dinghy and went in for some exploring. A bit of miscommunication (Jack wandered off to use the bathroom, which I interpreted to be he wanted some alone time) led to our exploring in separate directions. The other four boats, who arrived in the afternoon, probably thought we were a couple tired of each other!

I took a route up on top of the plateaus, off the beach, and more inland. Figuring it was best to not get too far away I scurried down a ravine and followed the valley back towards the beach. Drifting back toward the dinghy I found a nice shaded spot tucked into the red sandstone cliff to stare at the ocean and contemplate life. Time slipped by before SV Salish Dragon and SV Sedna walked towards me so I hopped up and walked over to say hello. It was nice to stretch our legs but the sun was setting as we puttered back to Strikhedonia.

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