Shipwreck pre-party!

Our plan to head for San Juanico for a rumored “shipwreck” party was slightly delayed for final cell signal messages and calls. About 9:00 we had the anchor up and were headed north. I made a cardinal sin of unzipping the main sail stack pack and getting the halyard ready to go. Shame, shame, shame. Once on course we had wind on our nose (making sailing impossible without very wide tacks) with the added benefit of bashing into seas. Ugh, should have left earlier… The waves and 18 knots of wind made our progress slow as we puttered along at 4.2 knots. Oh well it was a short leg. Jack made an kick ass breakfast hash which made the waves bouncing the table much more tolerable. As the passage went on the waves subsided some and our speed crept up to 5.3 knots, getting us into the anchorage by 12:30.

After lunch I paddled over to Sky Pond were we hung out, chatted, and compared boats for a few hours. Oh and I can’t forget, tested Roxy’s new cracker recipe (excellent). Invited for sundowners on El Gato meant I needed to get back to fix up a dish to share.

El Gato is a 44 foot catamaran, which easily handled the 20+ people. Jeff and Julie put on a wonderful evening with live music (including some spoon playing accompaniment) super awesome pot stickers, falafel cakes, quesadillas with mango/pepper salsa, and many other finger foods. Wow, did I not go home hungry! It was a fun evening and the sun set too soon. But no worries since this was just the kick off to two more days of parties…

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