Up early for a hike!

The next morning we started early with Carl and Roxy (Sky Pond) for a hike up the volcano. It was fun to do as a group, well sort of. On the way up Shalise and Jack enjoyed a more relaxed pace and our group split up. As always the last scree climb got our heart rates up and we were paid off with a great view. We bounded our way down and once on the beach Roxy and Carl headed for their dinghy as they planned to head for Pulpito today, while we decided to relax and save up energy for an evening hike.

Naps prevailed in the afternoon along with some cribbage and downtime. Evening approached and our malaise continued convincing us to skip an evening hike. I fried up some cabrilla and rice for dinner and we settled in for a movie night. Some point during the movie I got up to pee off the back of the boat and found the bioluminescence was insane. We could see rays swimming under the boat, fish darting, and waves lit up like fireflies. It was the most intense bioluminescence I have experienced. Even my pee was a glowing lillypad drifting near the boat. Simply amazing.

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