Snorkeling in Bahia Puerto Balandra

We stopped over in Balandra for a few days before the final, short hop into La Paz. This is home to the famous, and somewhat underwhelming, feature “Mushroom” rock. As it often the case it was smaller that expected and was rebuilt a number of years ago after it collapsed. Still it was something to check off the list.

We had a great few days relaxing, kayaking, enjoying the day tourists and of course snorkeling. There is a quality coral outcropping on the far side of the bay, where Vicki and I spent a morning exploring all the cracks, crevasses, and tons of fish. The bonus was finding an octopus, we watched him change colors and move around as the fish pestered him.

Vicki and I kayaked over to Mushroom rock. Unfortunately, this day I failed on my photography skills..

With such a short distance to La Paz I’m sure we will bring many friends here during future trips.

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