Swimming with the Sea Lions at Isla Isolates Rookery

Let me start with this was the highlight for everyone on the trip. If ever in La Paz, you must make the trip to swim with the sea lions. They are so playful, so silly, and so much fun to watch. Plus there is really good coral and fish, So come on, get out to Isla Isolates!

The first challenge was how to get to the rookery. There is a small anchorage for a boat about a mile away on Isla Espirito but with a big swell and big wind that wasn’t a good option so we would have to give it a try anchoring at the island.

Isla Isolates on the left and Isla Espirito on the right as we approach from the southwest

Vicki and Janis planning their attack on the sea lions

A monohull from our anchorage beat us to the island by about fifteen minutes which meant we would have to anchor a bit further out and in 57 feet of water. With the depth and winds I decided it would be important that someone stay aboard in case the anchor dragged. Jean and I decided we would take the first shift with the chartplotter showing our track (to see where we moved) and my anchor alarm set to keep an eye on things.

Vicki, Julie, Harrison, and Janis in the dinghy heading to the mooring balls.

Upon their return, we saw broad smiles and excited stories of their encounter with the sea lions. It was finally our turn! Vicki joined us for our snorkel so the three of us piled into the dinghy while Harrison took over the anchor watch duty.

We swam from the mooring ball to the island and found a few cute sea lions and lots of colorful fish. It was an odd feeling to be so close to the sea lions, little did I know what was in store for us. Video is much less boring than reading about it so check it out!

Oh and yes we did drag while Harrison was at the helm. Not major but it confirmed we made the right decision leaving someone on board…

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