Snorkeling Maps – Cabo, Los Frailes, Los Muertos, La Balandra, Isla Espirito, and Isla Isolates

Here are the spots we snorkeled from October 30 through November 12, the orange lines indicate the area we snorkeled and there are notes on each spot:

Cabo San Lucas: We piled into the kayaks and started at Lover’s beach, then moved back towards the marina to the second spot
Highlights: Watched a stingray swimming below at Spot 1 and on Spot 2 there was a cool ledge and good quantities of fish around the coral
Ratings: Spot 1, 6 out of 10 and Spot 2, 7 out of 10

Los Frailes: Swam from the boat and from shore
Highlights: Swam for about fifteen minutes with a eagle spotted ray near the reef off the beach. Around the point there was good coral and many fish to enjoy
Ratings: Beach 6 out of 10 and Point 8 out of 10

Los Muertos: Swam from the boat and from shore
Highlights: Reef off of the beach was pretty good and I found a small dead shark. Around the point there were underwater arches and even more fish than in Los Frailes
Ratings: Beach 6 out of 10 and Point 8 out of 10

Bahia Balandra: Kayaking to beach by coral head and dinghy drop off for scuba diving
Highlights: The coral reef closest to shore had an octopus and the coral of the trip. While the spot near the entrance to the bay offers a 35 depth dive spot around a tall rock formation.
Ratings: Reef 9 out of 10 and Point 5 out of 10

Ensenada Grande: Dinghy drop off around the point
Highlights: Exploring the small caves we came across a sea snake, whom we gave a bit of space
Ratings: Caves 7 out of 10

Ballena: Swam from boat
Highlights: Exploring the fish along the rocky shore
Ratings: Shoreline 6 out of 10

Isla Isolates: Dinghy to the mooring balls
Highlights: Swimming with the sea lions
Ratings: Sea Lions 10 out of 10

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