The energizer bunny that is Vicki

We had a beautiful sunrise our final day in Los Frailes.

Our last day in Los Frailes, I decide to not scuba dive but Vicki was still keen to give it a go. So I dinghied her in to shore and walked with her to the road. With all of her dive gear walking to Cabo Pulmo was out of the question. But we started early, budgeting an hour of waiting. And we damn near needed all of it, we didn’t see any cars. Not one, going her way for over 45 minutes. Then a nice family slowed down and off she went. I sure hoped I had not sent her off alone with ax murders…

And she is off!

I returned to the boat to have a relaxing day of napping, games, movies, and snacking. Around eleven we saw a bunch of people on the beach and pangas showing up. One of whom was Vicki. Seems the wind and swell was too much to dive the reef so they would scuba on our side of the point on the protected side. Kind of a bummer for the divers and it made me feel better about my decision to not go.

Around 2:00 I was getting worried that Vicki hadn’t returned but then here comes a panga with her in it. She scored a ride back to the boat and was able to skip the hitchhiking – a major victory given how few cars were out earlier in the day. She caught us up on the dives and that it was fun but not anywhere near the level expected due to the reef being closed.

Vicki filled us in that there was good snorkeling/diving near our anchorage. She already had a few hours of diving, but was keen for more. After grabbing a quick snack the four of us paddled to shore and began the snorkel tour. Lots of good coral and fish to be seen. Janis and Harrison got a bit cold and made it about 45 minutes. I stretched it out to about 75 minutes, but the fish in our group Vicki outlasted us all coming in after 90 minutes.

Today she firmly established herself has having many multiples of energy beyond the rest of us. Her love of the water is contagious, but even so I resigned myself to the fact that there was no way I can keep up with her – she truly is the energizer bunny of the sea.

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