Soaking in all that Bahia Bonanza has to offer

Moving on up, I raised the anchor just before 6:00 Easter morning. We had an easy passage to Bahia Bonanaza, that I’m sure my crew was thankful for after our crossing, and plopped down our anchor by lunch time. Ariel took to the beautiful waters immediately with a swim to shore and walk on the beach. Victor, Shalise, and I enjoyed a celebratory drink to honor on passage. Next up was Shalise who donned snorkeling gear for her exercise and exploration. Victor and I made for a low key afternoon.

As the sun was nearing the horizon we all piled into the dinghy for a sunset on the beach. The swell was coming from the south making a breaking wave on shore that we had to evaluate before making the call that it was doable. However, I blew my job of raising the dinghy and once on shore we took a wave over the back that added some water to pull up on shore. No biggie we had it drained in no time and were off to wander the beach and play Frisbee. Ariel had drifted over the sand dunes where Victor and I joined her after a little bit. She found a beautiful spot and had seen a dark brown jackrabbit already. We settled in to watch for wildlife and heard many birds and even the bahhhh of goats in the hills. It was a perfect close to the day.

The next morning the plan was for a hike to the top of the mountain that I had done the year before with Sabrina and Jess. A cloudy day was a welcome relief since we got a later start. Ariel was our bone inspector finding many different mammal , rodent, and bird bones to share with us while Shalise stopped for many artistic pictures of the plants and cacti. The only hiccup was on the way down when she realized she left her phone a the peak – thankfully we had just left a few minutes earlier so it was an easy recovery.

The initial plan had been for a bonfire evening but just as the first night the strong Cormel winds shut down those plans and a night of poker took place instead. We slept well as Strikhedonia’s anchor again held us tight in the 20-25 knots winds.

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