Today was a major grind

Ugh, one of those days that just wears your down. But I grinded through and got a decent amount completed.

I installed the oil lines and got the fittings mounted into the oil cooler. It isn’t installed yet as I don’t want to risk damaging it. A time consuming project was running the cables for the heat controls and then getting the vent brackets operational. Tight space and lots of fidgeting make this a bigger pain than one would expect.

Then I decided to continue with the heat trend and run the heat scat tube. The left rear baffle had a bend in it. Looking at the cause it was the engine motor mount. Being as it was mounted it took a lot of Dremel, deburring tool, sand paper, and files to get straightened out.

Started on the AeroSport hinge pin cover. Step one was cutting the holes for the covers. Not too bad. Then it was time to figure out how to affix the test fit covers in order to fiberglass the new back plate. Enged up JB welding aluminum strips to each cover. Now time to wait for it to cure…

Last up for the day was mounting the 2nd P-Mag and then wiring the two connectors. I took extra time to test the power, ground, and P-Lead wires to ensure they were labeled correctly and the soldered extremely well. Certainly don’t want ignition failures. The frustrating close the work day was caused by Adel clamps to the firewall. These things kicked my ass, but ultimately I persevered and beat them into submission. But fuck was it a grind.

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