Full steam ahead!

Another day of checking off boxes. I got the tail strobe wired up and threw down a thick layer of micro on the VS tip fairing. While that cured, the final skin got riveted. Wow, that felt great – even if it was quite loud bucking the rivets.

The fuel servo was next up and thankfully the throttle and mixture control are able to hit the stops in both directions. Whew.

After the micro/epoxy on the VS tip fairing cured I sanded it down and hit it with some primer. And, hopefully for the last time the rudder went on. Damn she is really coming together. With that I peeled most of the blue plastic off the airframe.

Last up with filling, in some places massive, gaps between the baffles and the engine with RTV. I think I did a pretty good job making it look presentable. Not the easiest. Tomorrow will be the test to see how it settled.

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