Two hikes, one day

The night before I let everyone know I planned to get up for the sunrise and for a hike before we pulled the anchor at 7am. So at 5:15, I quietly (as much as possible) lowered the dinghy and used the oars to get a quarter mile away before starting the engine and idling away. I headed up around the point in the island and through the channel that separates the nearby small island before landing the dinghy. The sun was just peeking over the horizon.

I have a route I like to hike that takes me up a few different hilltops with great views. Time was limited, so I had to cut things short in order to get back in time for our departure. And it is good I left when I did because approaching Gato Loco everyone was waiting on me. Eck. With the sun the bobos (similar to gnats but larger and egg shaped) came out in force. Quickly the dinghy was raised and off we went.

We spent the entire morning working to kill and avoid the bobos. They were prolific and extremely annoying. Even on the bow they would annoy us. At one point I headed into my cabin, killed about fifty of them and then rested with further interruptions by a few that got away. Thankfully by the afternoon we had them pretty much under control.

Running the numbers we were pushing it fuel-wise to make Santa Rosalia without stopping. So the decision was made to hop into Bahia LA to pick up 15 additional gallons of gas (Gato Loco has gasoline outboards). Eddie and Marcia decided to stay aboard while Lowell and I went into hustle mode. While I dropped off trash, Lowell was able to get the server to call a friend to give us a ride. It was going to be ten minutes, so we figured that meant 20 and ordered a beer. Two sips in and the friend arrived. No complaints as we had more distance to cover today and were happy to keep the hustle moving. All told we were only stopped for about 40 minutes from anchor down to anchor up. Pretty damn impressive, if I do say.

Next stop was Alacran, home of the yurt resort, and a favorite of mine. We headed to shore once arriving and I went for a three-mile hike while everyone else hiked the beach. It was a great hike. Eddie and Marcia were still beachcombing so Lowell drove me back to take a shower while he picked them up. I wasn’t quite fast enough so they got more of a show than they wanted…

The sunset was enjoyed with a beverage on the bow with music. I exclaimed to Lowell, “Now this is what it is all about for me!” Gorgeous views, talking with friends, and just living in the moment. I told Lowell how much I appreciated him having me aboard. No other place I would rather be. And to top it off, Eddie cooked up the Dorado and a bit of Bonito on the grill that was amazing. Just an all around perfect day.

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