Will this be the day?

Well let’s try this again. Lowell and I were up around 5am, my review of the weather made me think that a 9am departure would be best but it was good that Lowell wanted to leave sooner. The wind and waves from the high NW winds overnight were manageable (diminishing) and, rather than arrive at 3:00am, by leaving right away we would end up with a more reasonable 10:45pm arrival into Refugio.

Admittedly, the seas were pretty big (8ish feet at 9-10 seconds). Thankfully the tops were fairly rounded over so it was not an abrupt motion. Right off the bat we raised the main and pulled out the jib giving us a speed boost averaging 6.8 knots over the first half of the passage.

As the day progressed the forecast held, giving us diminishing seas and winds. The speed dropped but the enjoyable conditions made for a good trade off. Oh, and the Starlink internet, wowza was it nice to kill time surfing the web. I do feel badly giving up the isolation from connectivity in the Baja but yet I still suck on the tit of the Musk.

There is some disagreement about whether or not there was a green flash at sunset but all agreed it was a gorgeous end to the day. A fresh Bonito sashimi appetizer was whipped up by Eddie. One of two fish he landed today (Dorado and Bonito). With his experience bleeding out the fish I was quite surprised how great it tasted. Typically I always toss back Bonito and Skip Jacks. I might have to make exceptions on Bonitos in the future…

The last few hours dragged on, as they often do. The big concern was entering Refugio at night with no moon. We have been in many times but still it is unnerving to arrive without visual references. All the worry was for not, as we slipped in and by 10:45pm had the anchor down and were ready to call it a night. The excitement of our arrival had me a bit wired so a few pages of reading were needed before my light was extinguished.

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  • Alison G April 29, 2024 at 11:55 am

    Yay! Back at it! Enjoy it all.


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