Doors, the gift that just keeps giving

So with some effort the door clecos/tape that was installed for curing the epoxy to seal the halves were removed and the doors were ready to have the mechanics installed. This was a bitch of a project. Specifically getting the long tube/pin into the 3rd door latch gear. Wow, who would think you could spend hours dealing with that. Took a good bit of effort but the doors are close. Had to take a break but tomorrow I’ll finish them up.

With the cabin top installed it was time to installed the center support. Took more effort than I would expect but it is secured and ready for the windshield to be installed. Then on to final securing of the cabin top to the aluminum vertical fuselage supports.

Last item for the day was working on the air intake. A number of trips with the bottom cowl on and off was fun. But it went together pretty well. Left the hanger with fiberglass curing on the bottom cowl.

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