The fan blade is attached

Whew, big day with lots of progress. Kicked it off with cutting holes for the defrost fans in the glaresheild. Friday is hopefully the day to install windows and it needed to be done before then. Then it was on to fabricating the door lock brackets. Not too difficult but one has an odd bend to match the door that took more time to layout. Can someone please tell me why Van’s can’t include templates that are to scale????

Then the air box was finished up the the alternate air door. And then the fun began, lots of cutting, trimming, and sanding to make the doors fit the openings. Man I will be happy when the fiberglass work is completed. Wearing a mask and itching is not my idea of a fun time.

After the doors the bit excitement was getting the propeller hung. Like so many steps, the prep (getting the engine ready) was much more work than hanging the prop.

Last up for the day was beginning the tail fairing installation. I got as far as getting the panels cleco’d and the fairing holes match drilled. Tomorrow guess what. More fiberglass work! Woohoo

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