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From front to back the whole plane was touched today

The ignition cables are now better organized with spacers between to ensure no cross firing. Got the screws installed in the tail fairing, which turned into more work than I expected. Well there were two nutplates involved… Before the window installed I needed to get the sunvisors mounted. With the doors on I could find the best location and then…

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The fan blade is attached

Whew, big day with lots of progress. Kicked it off with cutting holes for the defrost fans in the glaresheild. Friday is hopefully the day to install windows and it needed to be done before then. Then it was on to fabricating the door lock brackets. Not too difficult but one has an odd bend to match the door that…

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Doors, the gift that just keeps giving

So with some effort the door clecos/tape that was installed for curing the epoxy to seal the halves were removed and the doors were ready to have the mechanics installed. This was a bitch of a project. Specifically getting the long tube/pin into the 3rd door latch gear. Wow, who would think you could spend hours dealing with that. Took…

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